Breast Screening

How do I contact you to change or cancel my appointment? 

You can contact us via the online appointment system, by telephoning us on 0191 445 2554 or emailing [email protected]

When should I contact you to change my appointment? 

Please contact us to change your appointment if:

  • You can not attend due to the time, date or venue.
  • You have had another breast mammogram in the past 6 months.
  • You have difficulty managing stairs independently and are booked onto a mobile unit.
  • You use a wheel chair and are booked onto a mobile unit.
  • You need support to dress / undress.
  • You are prescribed Warfarin medication
  • You are currently a breast cancer patient in your 5 year follow up.
  • You have shingles / other illnesses that might effect your attendance. e.g. flu.

Receiving a breast screening appointment text message reminder 

To receive a text message reminder for your routine breast screening appointment please email [email protected]  with your: full name, date of birth and reference number beginning AGA from screening invitation letter (if possible). No information collected will be shared with any third parties.

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